Woman With Toy Gun Robs Bank In Lebanon, Retrieves Trapped Savings

A woman shaking an air rifle, broke into a Beirut bank office on Wednesday, to recuperate her got hold reserves. A source from a supporters’ sponsorship pack said she took $13000 in genuine cash from her record, itemized Reuters.

The banks in Lebanon kept most patrons out of their hold assets since a financial crisis happened a long time back, which left people engaging to pay for their fundamental prerequisites.

On Wednesday around 11 am, a woman showing an imagine rifle entered BLOM Bank in Beirut’s Sodeco region and mentioned permission to her resources, a security source told Reuters.

Near an hour sometime later, she left with $13,000 in genuine cash dollars, said a source from the Donors’ Protest bundle, which advocates for Lebanese occupants with hold reserves stuck at banks. She furthermore took around 6 million Lebanese pounds, worth only $160 after the over 90% breakdown in the trading scale starting around 2019.

The source at the social event let Reuters in on that the get-together got a feeling of responsibility with the event.

The woman was perceived as Sally Hafez by her mother, who told a close by Lebanese Television station that Hafez took cash from her own record to treat her more young sister who has sickness.

If we hadn’t done this, my daughter could have died, her mother told Al-Jadeed. The whole of what we have is this money in the bank. My daughter needed to take this money – it’s her right, it’s in her record – to treat her sister,” she said.

A declaration at BLOM Bank certified the detainee situation had gotten done anyway didn’t give nuances on the aggregate taken. The security organizations didn’t rapidly answer a sales for input about the real repercussions of the episode.

This was the second such episode in Lebanon in a month. In mid-August, a man held up another business bank to take out his own resources for treat his cleared out father.

After the past detainee event in August, the accused offender was caught anyway by then later conveyed without charge after the bank dropped its case.

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