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Apple’s latest 14-inch MacBook Pro is $200 off

Apple resellers are competing for your business with a $200 price cut on the current 14-inch MacBook Pro with the M3 Pro chip, 18GB RAM and 512GB of storage. At press time, Apple Authorized Resellers B&H Photo, Amazon and Adorama all have the standard M3 Pro MacBook Pro 14-inch marked …

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Apple’s iOS 18 AI will be on-device preserving privacy, and not server-side

A new report on Sunday again reiterates that Apple’s AI push in iOS 18 is rumored to focus on privacy with processing done directly on the iPhone, that won’t connect to cloud services. Over the past few months, we’ve heard a lot about Apple’s endeavors in Artificial Intelligence and the features it aims …

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Apple Notes in iOS 18 looks to up the ante with Microsoft OneNote

One of Apple’s most inconspicuously popular apps, Notes, is bound to become even more powerful when the company unveils its next generation operating systems in June, AppleInsider has learned. Among its new features will be audio recording support built in at the application level, similar to integrated Voice Memos, according …

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Everything you need to know about emulating retro games with Delta for iPhone

Your iPhone can play retro games originally released for the Gameboy, Nintendo 64, and more, thanks to the Delta app. Here’s how to get started. Delta is a spiritual successor to the GBA4iOS app that originated as a project built by then-high school student Riley Testut. Apple never allowed emulation on iOS until regulations …

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The Latest Apple News: What You Need to Know


Introduction to Apple and its impact Welcome to the exciting world of Apple, where innovation meets style and functionality! As one of the leading tech giants in the industry, Apple continues to captivate us with its cutting-edge products and forward-thinking approach. Join us as we delve into the latest updates, …

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The Top Features and Benefits of Using Apple News for Your Daily Reading

Introduction to Apple News Are you tired of endlessly scrolling through various news websites to stay updated on current events? Look no further! Apple News is here to revolutionize your daily reading experience. With a plethora of features designed to cater to your interests, convenience, and preferences, Apple News is …

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